Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with T-102-2700 PROBE, Z-160-0001

Price: $ 2,125.00

Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 High Performance Data Logging Wall Thickness Gauge
Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Enhanced Data Logging with time based B Scan for a cross section view
Resolution:.001" (0.01 mm)

The Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 is a full featured ultrasonic thickness gauge offering an oversized display as well as a complete alphanumeric datalogging system with storage capacity of thousands of data values.

The Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 features the highest resolution graphic LCD on the market and is especially engineered for optimal ease of use.

Kit Contents

  • Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge With T-102-2700 PROBE, Z-160-0001
  • 4 oz. bottle of coupling fluid
  • 2 AA batteries
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Data Transfer Software
  • Serial Output
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction Manual


  • The time-based B-Scan feature displays a cross section of the test material. It is commonly used to display the profile of the bottom surface of the test material.
  • The MMX-7 also comes complete with our Windows PC software for transferring data to and from a PC.
  • Built in hardware AGC gain control for through paint measurements in multi mode operation.
  • The high speed scan feature speeds up the inspection process by making 32 measurements per second. Remove transducer from the test material, and display the minimum measurement scanned.
  • The MMX-7 has the ability to store 64 custom user defined setups. All factory setups can be selected, edited and saved to any setup location.
  • Use the AUTOFIND feature to locate the detection point, while automatically adjusting the display to bring the signal into view.
  • CE Certified
  • Includes NIST-Traceable Calibration Certificate
  • Use the visual alarm to set hi and lo limits for applications requiring specific tolerances. If the actual thickness value is above or below the limits, a red light is illuminated.
  • 2 Year Warranty


Range in SteelPulse-Echo Mode:Pit and Flaw detection measures from 0.63 to 254 millimeters (0.025 - 9.999inches)

Echo-Echo Mode:Thru Paint & coatings measures from 2.54 to 102 mm (0.100 - 4.000 inches). Range will vary depending on the thick
Resolution.001 inches (0.01mm)
Velocity Range.0492 to .3936 in./ms
1250 to 9999 meters/sec
UnitsEnglish & Metric
Measurement Modes- Pulse-Echo (flaws, pits)
- Echo-Echo (thru-paint)
Transducer TypesDual Element (1 to 10 MHz).
Memory16 megabit non-volatile ram
Memory capacity12,000 pages with 1 reading and waveform per page
Power SourceThree 1.5V alkaline or 1.2V NiCad AA cells
Battery LifeTypically operates for 150 hours on alkaline and 100 hours on NiCad
Auto Power offif idle 5 min
Display1/8 in. VGA grayscale display 62 x 45.7mm
KeyboardMembrane switch with twelve tactile keys
CaseExtruded aluminum body with nickel-plated aluminum end caps (gasket sealed).
Operating Temperature-14 to 140F (-10 to 60C)
Weight, net383 grams
Dimensions63.5 W x 165 H x 31.5 D mm
Warranty2 year limited
CertificationCE Approved, Factory calibration traceable to national standards

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Product Price
Dakota Ultrasonics MMX-7 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with T-102-2700 PROBE, Z-160-0001 $2,125.00
Accessories Price
TICC-MVX Protective Holder for MMX-7 $75.00
T-102-2700 1/4 inch dia 5.0 MHz alpha hi-damp transducer for through paint measurement $330.00
T-104-0600 1/2 inch dia. 1.0 MHz composite transducers $345.00
T-104-1000 1/2 inch dia. 2.25 MHz transducer $295.00
T-102-1000 1/4 inch dia. 2.25 MHz transducer $285.00
T-104-2000 1/2 inch dia. 5.0 MHz transducer $295.00
T-101-2000 3/16 inch dia. 5.0 MHz transducer $285.00
T-102-3300 1/4 inch dia. 7.5 MHz transducer $320.00
T-044-2000 1/2 inch dia. 5.0 MHz high temp (650 degrees F) transducer $370.00
USB-RS232-ADAP USB to Serial Adapter $25.00
T-212-2001 1/4 inch - 5 MHz Hi Temp - 900 degrees F / 500 degrees C Dual Microdot connectors, top-in $445.00



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