CMXDLP Data-Logging Ultrasonic Coating & Wall Thickness Gauge
CMXDLP Data-Logging Ultrasonic Coating & Wall Thickness Gauge
Price: $ 2,295.00 up to $ 3,395.00

Resolution: .001" (0.01 mm)


The CMXDLP+ is the top-of-the-line model in the CMX Series of Gauges that measures both coating and wall thickness quickly and accuratelyfrom only one side. In addition, when switched to Pulse-Echo mode, the CMXDL+ automatically measures and eliminates the coating from the wall thickness measurement, enabling the user to locate the finest corrosion and pittingwithout removing the coating. It features an A-Scan Display Mode allowing the user to see the actual wave form echoes, graphically, providing the insight necessary to tune the settings on the gauge for optimal performance. This is especially important on challenging measurement tasks. The CMXDL+ also features a new E-EV Operating Mode ("Echo-Echo-Verify"), also known as Triple-Echo Mode, which provides addition assurance that the displayed measurement is accurate and fully verified by subsequent echoes. Oversized graphic LCD is backlit and features easy to read fonts, graphics and display codes showing all critical settings including Velocity, Operating Mode, Alarms, Scan Mode and more. The backlight can be set to ON (always-on), OFF (always-off) or AUTO (automatically-on when measuring).

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